Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Soapbox Rant

I DO NOT HATE LOCS! not on grown ups and NOT on children.

I feel it is necessary for me to make this declaration after having a pissing match with a woman about my "disgust" with locing children's hair.
Here are my thoughts:

1. Loc because you want to. But KNOW it is time intensive and requires a LOT of maintenance
2. Yes it's sexist but I don't mind boys because they can cut their hair off (without trying to UnLOC) and gone about their business
3. I HATE HATE HATE, the idea that you are locing the hair because it will be easier to manage. Locing will NOT save you from hours of caring for your daughters hair. If you don't want to comb it DO NOT loc for this reason. Just don't. In a nutshell (and I can say this cause it's my blog)... it's triflin'. If you don't know what I mean GOOGLE it.

Last week I was accused of blog bashing for a little boy that is locing his hair and now this week I received a 10 minute lashing about my misplaced feelings or rather as it was stated my "disgust" of locs.

I present for you exhibit #1

Exhibit #2....

Remember my lovely friend that traveled to Africa with me. The photographer? Well she was my FREAKIN LOCTICIAN!!!!! Do you even know what that is? Oh wait I forgot you plan on locing the child's hair yourself.

Exhibit #3 my very lovely and SUPERTRENDY little cousin Justyce sporting expertly styled LOCs!!!!!

Exhibit # 4 and her mother -- also a loc wearer

See again, my theory is that NO ONE --- or rather no Black ONE would ever loc a young child's hair (I'm speaking pre-k or younger) unless the child clearly requested it or UNLESS they themselves were loc wearers or come from a loc wearing family

Exhibit #6

my OWN loc wearing family

so if I decide to go back to wearing locs and THEN decide to loc my daughters hair, I would then fit the EXCEPTION
I love 'locs' deplore the term 'dreads' unless you actually have DREADs. Because as we say in loc world... "ain't nothin dreadful about it"

Consequently, my gripe is this. If you don't comb your child's hair at all... (we are speaking daughter here) and then you say, "I'll loc, cause its easier... then taking the time to care for my child's hair." Or it's cheaper. Then, I have a problem with that logic. If I can be honest, and not step on any one's toes in the process consider this: loc wearing IS NOT for the faint at heart. It is NOT embraced in African American culture mainstream. Even with the help of good old Lil Wayne and Lauren Hill and Erykah Badu oh and India Arie and Whoopi.... it still stands out and makes you just a little different. That's all good! I did it. For aesthetic purposes only. I just liked the way it look. But the work was GRUELING. I was in the salon sometimes twice a month, I couldn't wash my own hair because it was a lot to drying and remoisterizing it and I was terrible at styling it. News Flash: I am terrible at styling Lulu's hair. I try products based on recommendations, I dump products out. I go thru ALL of the same hardships a white mom with a black child would go thru. Now here is the difference. I'm BLACK!!! and EVERYWHERE... I mean EVERYWHERE I go I'm around some Black 'folks'. I get called to the mat about her hair. Do this, don't do that. Try this. Hell at the daycare they will even completely change her hair! Yep. It IS our culture.

If you went to Ethiopia, did you really see anyone with locs? Jamaica maybe.... but how many did you see in ET? Thank God for Madame CJ Walker. She invented the straightening comb, and shortly after somebody put LYE in a jar and Malcolm Little got some conk and had waves... you know the story (before he was Malcolm X of course).

See in our community we are proud of our hair. We don't get it done, we get it "DID"..... Frequently. And wash it infrequently. But we keep it coifed!

So to say that I don't like locs is not a truthful statement. I LOVE THEM.... But I must say I cringe when I see a family with NO Black "friends" in any of their Facebook pictures, and the only black's in the photos are the kids... wearing HOME LOC'ed HAIR..... Are you kidding me.
three strikes.... really.
So if I've pissed you off SORRY. But it just needed to be said.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where does the time go?

Hello blog world!!!!!  We are still here.  Just wanted to take a second to write a quick post.   I am starting work on Monday....YAY MOMMY!!!! And so to ease the transition, Ms. Lu started daycare this week (on Monday).  I really like the daycare but apparently I am the only one.  Lulu was not pleased and has been very stubborn at daycare.  She will barely eat and won't nap AT ALL.  So she falls right to sleep as soon as she gets in the car at FIVE o'clock.   Not a good thing for Mommy.   I wake her butt right up and make her stay up as long as possible at home and then she is usually out for the night (sometimes as early as 6:45).  Hopefully as she gets more comfortable she will start napping.  So today being Saturday, I am doing laundry (5 loads) and folding and cleaning and menu planning for next week and like clockwork she went down for a nap at 10:15!   I don't know what they are doing to my poor baby but they better stop or Big Momma (that's me lol) is gonna get them!  Her disposition is better aside from the mean streak.  She is playing independently more today.  Yay!!!!

I hope to upload my cameras later today and I will put some pics on Lulu's blog!