Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real meaning of Christmas

I know Christmas in America is about "getting".... its taught so young and as kids we ran to meet friends and family asking: "what did you get?". With so many with so little at this time I am reminded that Christmas is about "giving". Take the word in its literal form: More Christ. Lets be more like Christ and give...... many will not even know its Christmas

My heart is in Africa. Again, dominating the world on the places with the greatest need.

Check this out!

Go Doctors Without Borders!!!



Saturday, December 6, 2008


My dreams have been scary lately.  Completely weird and out of control.  Today I took my nap (yeah I need one everyday), and I dreamed that I was arrested for attempting to kill my best friends mom.... (she's already passed away).  She was in the hospital and I was coming to visit her and see how she was feeling and I was arrested IN the hospital.  Funny thing is that the police officer that came to arrest me was FINE and very pleasant (like this Detective I once dated... but better).  He was very kind to me and I asked him not to cuff me in the back because "my breast are so large and it makes me uncomfortable" lol.   He obliged and didn't cuff me at all.  I then told my best friend who was there with all of her sisters glaring at me (the sisters, not her) to watch my laptop and purse......  Just before this dream I segued out of someone's party that was apparently related to this same best friend and I kept getting this weird feeling that although all these ppl were there that someone was trying to rob the place.... and I was responsible for serving the cake.   So anyway back to the hospital thing.... so Officer Fine -Ass - Hell who told me politely that his name was James something something, took me to the station and I wanted to tell him I was a law student but I didn't.  When he got me to the station, I started "consciously" in my mind reciting phone numbers of ppl that have phones that accept collect calls.  I was trying to remember my friend Edwar's number, a newly minted attorney, as well as my sister's number.   The booking lady was very nice and she commented on my lovely ball gown (right... WTF)..... which was covered by Officer Fine - Ass -Hell's jacket, while she removed the handcuff which was just on one arm.  When Officer Fine-Ass-Hell left, the booking lady couldn't find her Miranda rights and asked a coworker for hers.   So I said, why am I being arrested?   And she opened a file and pulled out an absolutely horrible ring and said, that my best friend's sister had in fact informed the police that I tried to kill her mother to get this ring. We laughed (the booking lady, me and the Miranda reading coworker).  I really had to pee so I woke up.

But it unnerved me.  I fear jail.  I loathe thieves and I really love fine ass hell officers.  

Just two nights before this, I dreamed that my two other best friends (Tanya and Kellae the Atlanta girls) were arrested for murdering Kellae's sister (also dead already), who's body was discovered after a really long period of time.  I obviously had knowledge of the murder and I was forced to be a party in the case despite me knowing they had done it.

Through out the dream, I kept thinking about the #'s 9 and 20 and I kept saying:  You can't multiply them.  While my  conscience mind kept saying " you can multiply 9 times 20, you are great with math".

For years I used to record my dreams in a dream journal and try to analyze the recurring themes.  I have a great friend that (consequently he has lots of the contact with the police) but anyway, he is a great prophet (no really) and can dream and analyze things BEFORE they happen.  It's weird and I've never witnessed anything like that.  But honestly he can do it.  But he NEVER dreams about dead ppl... not ones that are dead at the time of the dream.  I'm afraid of asking him about this madness.

Okay...... Yep, if the ET officials are reading this they are convinced that I am crazy.   But I'm not!  I promise!!!  Ask Officer Fine- Ass - Hell......

TTYL Robbin

* so nice to have such close friends that you can share anything.  Since none of my pre-blog, pre-adoption friends read this, with whom I'd NEVER share this craziness with, then I am safe from them reading this.  

Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day

Adoption in sub saharan  Africa is grown primarily because of AIDS.  We are affected. Period.  I can't allow myself to selfishly believe that God is allowing this epidemic to grow for the purpose of me becoming a parent.  I am being allowed to adopt for the purpose of making change in the life of  a child and promoting change in the life of a country; and in my own country; and within my own race; in my own community.  

Please watch ALL OF US a documentary by an Ethiopian American doctor about women and AIDs and how the AIDS epidemic involving African American women and African women mirror each other so closely.  Imagine, a third world country and urban America.  Its on Showtime!!  

This is an amazing documentary.