Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2nd Trimester --Dossier sent to Gladney

Today I sent all 19 authenticated documents (2 extra cause of the multiple employment), my family pics, my photos and of course money to Gladney. It was hard to let it out of my sight. I have worked so hard getting everything together and now I'm entrusting it to FED EX?  But I parted with it.  

The first trimester is the paperchase
The 2nd trimester is the wait
The 3rd Trimester is the referral and court period
Labor is the court date 
Travel is the birth.

and of course, another happy dance as the count down begins... well um maybe I'd better start counting after I hear it from Gladney.  But I can still dance!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's HERE!!!!!

Yep I received my I-171H!  It is the last thing that I needed.  I looked at my time estimates and surprisingly I expected it on the 24th of this month.   All told, I sent my app in March and my homestudy in April, I was Fingerprinted in May and 6 weeks later I had the "Golden ticket".  
I am just besides myself with excitement and it says:  Number of Orphans:  ONE or TWINS!!!

All that's left is for me to do a notarized true copy and authenticate it and about 3 other docs, at my local Secretary of State for just 1.oo per page!  Thank you State of Michigan!!  I expect to get this package in the mail on Wednesday!!!  I wanted to go on the waitlist in June and I am almost there.

I am doing the happy dance!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Change

I am really considering changing my blog to a mac site.  Not that I don't love blogspot.  But I strive to be just a little um..... different.

Let me know what you think.  Hell let me know that you are even out there.  



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yummy friends, Good company and Great wine

Today, i had dinner at the The Blue Nile in Ferndale  with two new e-friends.  Both of whom I met in the yahoogroups!  Shout outs to Sara and Cristina.  Dinner was the real deal, but this picture is not, because I forgot to take one.  But this is the jist of what happened, add in a couple of black hands and some delicious Pinot Grigio, and you get the ideal.

Still waiting on that good ole I-171h.  Send out positive vibes to Customs, I've been emailing them regularly, I think they've put me on "ignore".   All I can say is they better not make me call my people cause heads will roll.  (Okay so I don't really know people, but I know people that know people!)



Sunday, June 8, 2008

Still Waiting!

I know that I am a really bad blogger. Oh when I started i had ideals of grandeur, imagining that I would blog daily and my blog would become the source of information for all the single PAP's just waiting, to follow my lead. HA! Well it didn't happen, it hasn't happened and its not gonna happen.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of waiting on the darn I-171h! I knew it would be bad but had no ideal that it would take this long. I have been waiting for over a month. I thought Michigan was quick! I hate to pull rank since I do have some strong connections in the State Senators office. (Smile to all those that know that "stalking" does not qualify as a "connection"). I guess I should embrace this time since my agency is not giving out any referrals right now ( A whole 'nother story!); the rainy season is on its way, and I really need to make some MORE money. Darn real estate market!!! Hell I'm gonna have to get a job for real if it doesn't turn around. And do TENANTS EVER PAY THEIR DAMN RENT?????? Ok, I'm sorry, I'm venting. This is clearly why I've not been posting. Not my normal humorous and lovely self (Insert gagging sound here).

So prayer warriors, please go to your higher powers, get some positive jou jou (sic) going and ask the holy government God's to just send it already!!!!