Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm here really!!!   I know its been an awful long time.   So much has happened.   I traveled with my two girlfriends to Ethiopia and picked up my little baby.  My insurance company refused to cover her and I finished school and have no job!   Well I could still sell real estate, so I kind of a job but not it is very very scary!!!!!  I want to blog my trip but I am exhausted!!!!   

I know I owe some of you updates.  I am working on it I promise.  Also, I will be posting about all things Lulu, on her blog www.100percentlulu.blogspot.com.   Now don't rush over there because there is nothing to see!!! But I am on it.  Really... just as soon as I get some sleep.   I am TIRED.

Lulu is the bomb and my family is completely enamored.  I love her dearly but this is a lot of work... I got some adjusting to do.