Sunday, September 28, 2008

I bought a stroller!

Thanks to Tami for sending me to mamabargaincom.   I am sure I didn't need to buy anything, I've spent so much on Ebay that I can no longer account for the packages arriving at the door.  I have purchased all of my big ticket item, except my biggest ticket item -- Nursery furniture!   I am hoping Grandma will want to buy that.   

Anyway, I digress.   I haven't done as much research on strollers as I did on the high chair, but I did know that this time, I wasn't asking any of my friends for their opinions!   I knew that I wanted it to be able to move easily over smooth surfaces and rough surfaces.  I doubt that I needed off roading or all-terrain because clearly, I will not be doing much of that :).  I also wanted something that wasn't too bulky, lightweight and easy to maneuver with ONE hand and thanks to the advice of Christina, it needs to fold UP to me.  I guess it is stupid that most strollers you collapse and it falls to the ground.  So now you have baby in hand and you are trying to bend over and balance the baby while lifting it up.  Of course I wasn't looking for the most expensive but not the cheapest either.  I wanted something durable that would work for more than one year.  I had really been eyeing the Maclaren strollers.  They seem to be the most popular, lightweight, umbrella step-up.    And it really is a NAME BRAND umbrella stroller.  For $100.00 plus.  I knew I didn't want the old school style all in one with ducks and stuff.  I really wanted cup holders Somewhere!  And lets face it.  Ya'll know by now, I want it to not look "baby".  So there were a lot of choices with fabulous colors, features, material and of course nice hefty price tags.  

So back to, this place is great, one item a couple times a day for at least half off and these are things you didn't even KNOW you needed  LOL.   So that's where I found it.

The Micralite Fast Fold. Yes I got the red.   It has many of the features I needed and many that I wanted that I didn't get, but this was really a souped up umbrella stroller on steroids.  Its not bulky at all.  Mine came with the bassinet that you see but I don't expect to get much use out of it.  However its a good alternative to a cradle for the little one.   It retails at $529.  And I got it for $238!   Yep I'm crazy.  I like it and now that's on e more thing off of my list.

Tell me what you think?

TTYL  Robbin

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay well this is it!  I have entered the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My agency is quoting 3-5 months as a wait time for a referral.  I am making great strides on the unofficial list.  I have made some big decisions regarding my future career and my education.  Some by choice, some not.  But none the less I believe that everything happens the way it is supposed to.  I believe we all have free will and that although our choices may chose the path, what awaits us at the end is not decided by us.   I am okay with the "postponement" of things and I am ready to get my little girl home!

TTYL Robbin

Monday, September 22, 2008

11 years old

   Off to junior high!  I think that I was able to actually pick my own clothes and hair.  But I don't think it got much better.  I have to find some middle school class pictures to excite everyone! 

TTYL  Robbin

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week 11

Wow..... its all I can say.  Time moves forward.  Its what happens.... We have no control of it.  If I continue to do the things I'm scheduled to do... time will just pass.   



Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home from Atlanta and miscellaneous happenings

This weekend I went to the wedding of my good friend Kellae to her extra wonderful new husband Kakra G.  So I wanted to post a picture of the event.  It was at the beautiful Rhodes Hall on Peachtree, and it was a sunset wedding so please forgive the dark pic!

Also I came home to lots of packages!  I've been ebaying (yes its a verb), and I got some good deals.  I got about 10 Dr. Brown glass bottles, about 5 BPA free bottles, and about 10 Playtex drop in bottles.  I plan on using the playtex while in ET and transitioning over to the Dr. Brown's after I get home.  I also bought a cute diaper bag from Pottery Barn and a little tennis dress.   here is a picture of the bag mine is mint green.

And most importantly I got the SVAN baby bouncer in watermelon and khaki.  It retails for 129.00 and I got it NIB (that's Ebay lingo -- New In the Box :), for $56.00 plus shipping.  The model pictured is my "son" Junior.  He loves it!

TTYL   Robbin

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 10

Wow, time is passing quickly and now I am getting nervous!   I will enter the window in just 2 weeks!!!!!!!   I am prepared for referral times to increase.   My agency is quoting 3-5 months, and just 3 months ago referrals were coming closer to the earlier part of the timeframe.  Now referrals are easily exceeding that timeframe.  So I am predicting within one month, the agency will change the referral time to at the very least 4-6 months but more than like 5-7 months.  I am not at all stressed by that.  I believe my child will be referred to me, despite timeframes and case coordinators, and law changes and regulations, she will be my daughter and I will be her mom.

Not to mention, I take the Bar Exam in February and I don't know why I thought traveling BEFORE that would make ANY SENSE AT ALL!

So my new referral guess:  12/05 (No scientific calculations, its my brother's birthday lol) up from 10/16 (Michigan Sweetest Day lol).  With travel week 1 of March!   

To all my PAP's (adoption speak: Prospective Adoptive Parent) hang in there, our time is not always the right time.  There are greater forces in the universe that contribute (I know weird huh).   

TTYL Robbin

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more 9

ok, so the last picture my hair was so long because of extensions!  you all realized that right ...(Sorry Julie)!  Nope still looking crazy but now I enter the JERRI CURL phase!!!   


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Land of Ethiopia

This is a link for a photographer they was recently visiting Ethiopia in his wife's home town.  Please enjoy!



Monday, September 8, 2008

And a close up!

And a sweater of course 

Age 9

Ok look, these pictures get really really BAD!  I mean really bad, So I am going to do them one by one to soften the blow.   If you have a weak stomach turn your head now LOL!   The first picture is the CLASS PHOTO.  So embarrassing myself is not enough, misery LOOOOOOOOOVES company!
I can name just about everyone in this picture.  What's really funny is the guys you thought were the studs!

From Left to right
Row 1
Chris Keys
Principal Mattie Mckinney Hatchett
Teacher Jo Davidson
Kareem Boyles
Row 2
Detonya Peeples
Bobby Calhoun
Stephen Kennedy (my K boyfriend)
Valencia Cobb

Row 3
Kyle Hughes (Stud lol)
Susan Bissett
Alan Rainge
Jesse Lucio
Janet Howe
Ronald Weaver

Row 4
Martin Chavez
Angela Williams
Tu Le
Shamekia Hunt
Tuan Le
Amina Norris
Dena Covert
John Collins

Row 5
Jeff Wiscombe  (stud)
Angela Rodriguez (my best friend)
Robert Bailey III

Yep, I know just what you wanted to sit thru is a roll call of my 4th grade class mates.   But guess what, Its not enough for me to post their pics, I want their NAMES out there too!

TTYL Robbin

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

High Chair

I made my first big purchase today.  I bought this very trendy, very functional and very "un-baby" high chair. You see, I really loathe baby looking baby stuff.  I don't think it requires all that fluff fluff frill.  My style is sort of not quite modern, not quite contemporary -- more "transitional".  I really think that my baby stuff should fit within my decor.  Of course this has clearly driven my friends MAD!  

I have been accused of lots of things during this adoption journey, but none more often than the accusation that:  I don't have a clue what I am signing up for.  But I think that I have about as much of an understanding as any first time mom.  Perhaps more.  In searching for every major item -- stroller, crib, highchair, carseat, bottles --- I have reviewed hundreds of reviews, reports and comments.  I just wanted to be certain that my Type- A -personality-mind was satisfied with each and every decision.

So the high chair.   Like I said, I had a few criteria to fill, I wanted something that wasn't frilly, not plastic, not obtrusive, multi-functional, works well with the table and not a lot of crevices to hold little crumbs and stickies.  Needless to say, my list was whittled down quickly.  I settled on two: Stokke or Svan.   I chose the Svan.

Of course price was a consideration, but not a deciding factor.  After seeing that the mid price highchair runs between 100-175.00, I realized that my choices weren't SOOO out of reach.  My Svan included the easily removable tray, a dishwasher safe tray cover, and a cushion for $250.00 delivered to my door.  It has a very clean look and it doesn't look like a highchair.   It fits right at my table and even changes to a toddler chair and can seat an adult.  

I'm surprised how few ppl say they used their high chair.   When I eat, I eat at the table.  I don't agree with eating all over the house.  I was not allowed to as a child and it seems that our norms are what we were raised to believe.  I've heard a bunch of different places that children are fed at -- carriers, bouncers, carseats, laps, floors --  just seems like a highchair would be a good place to start.   But then I am always accused of going against the norms.  Just like with this adoption.   I am single, not infertile, and parenting by choice.

So yes, I bought an expensive highchair, that doesn't look like a high chair.  

And its fabulous.   

Here's a picture and no this is not my family lol, but I do love their kitchen.   

TTYL Robbin

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For your laughing pleasures....

I'm starting to feel like these are the same pictures.  The tweety bird look is the WORSE!!!!!!   And of course RED must be my color!



Wait:  That might be the same sweater as a year ago!!!!!   Must've been dippin in my brothers closet again!