Sunday, August 31, 2008

WEEK 8!!!!!!!!!

Yep, Its going into month two!  I am very excited but still a little reserved because it doesn't seem real with me not having anything to do right now.  Perhaps when the courts reopen and the boards start jumping again then I will start to feel that it is going to happen, but right now, I think this "trimester" is trying my patience!

The picture that I included today requires you to count.  But there are 8 symbols there.  And the middle symbol, the yin/yang is the tattoo that I have on my lower back.  I think they call that a "tramp stamp" lol.

TTYL  Robbin

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Age 7

What can I say?  The lopsided plaid collar and of course the HAIR.   Yes that little pigtail says:

I'M NUMBER 1!!!!

This is really really bad.   Nothing more to say.

TTYL Robbin

Sunday, August 24, 2008

week 7

 Slow and steady wins the race

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nursery Thoughts

Although I am extremely excited about becoming a Mom, and I have fully educated my sphere-of- influence on all things adoption, I have been reluctant to make any significant purchases for the nursery.  I mean, I have a vision and all but that's the extent of it!  Until NOW!

I wanted something calm and relaxing.  A place where both the baby and I could feel peaceful.  I have spent hours online searching 
for the highest quality products, the safest options and the most eco-friendly while still being economically friendly.
I chose bamboo and it is just beautiful.  I had anticipated hiring someone to lay it but my fabulous MOM installed it herself.

So step one has been completed.  Here's a picture of the finished project, and of my mom installing them.  She will probably not be happy of the butt shot!  LOL.  Sorry MOM.

I am gonna try for a better shot once I start putting some stuff in it.

TTyl  Robbin

Sunday, August 17, 2008

6 years old and off to school.

Only a very confident woman can post these very scary pics for all the world to see.  In the words of my grandmother:  "What don't kill you, will only make you fat!"

My Grandma will be happy to know I survived the first grade fairly unscathed. Yep, wearing this lovely plaid button up, blue v-neck sweater and combination afro, twist, with a matching barrette.
The photographer was laughing so hard I thought he was trying to encourage me to smile.  And I did.

Poor me.  Living Phat, to tell the story!

TTYL Robbin

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A break from the ordinary scheduled programming!


Today I am 25 years old.  AGAIN.  

This is me at my 2 year old birthday party.  I'm assuming these were my gifts.  But do you LOVE the cake with the two little candles.  

TTYL Robbin

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yes, you are probably asking yourself why would someone do this to their kid?  I don't know why, I think she just didn't like me very much.  That sweater?  And the fly away collar under there is actually back in style!  Childhood was PAINFUL.  Let me just have a heart to heart with my seven readers out there.  My "sistagirls" will already know what I am talking about, but to all my current or soon-to-be transracial mom's to little Black girls, just feel me.....

I was what you would call "bald-headed".  Nope, no long pigtails with colorful barrettes and balls.  I was just down right bald.  My mother, bless her heart, never thought you needed to do anything to make the hair grow.  She just let it be free.  And boy, did I pay the cost.   I mean, I was her "little Princess" and so to her, I could do no wrong.  Which made me not quite the favorite to my extended family.  So in return, they teased me about my hair.  Or lack thereof.

Now mind you, I wasn't the flyest dresser either.  My mom was a single mom and she was VERY frugal.  Being that I was a small child -- "straight up and down" like the old folks say -- I was able to fit all the ''hand me downs".  Problems with that is, I have only one sibling right?   A BROTHER, who's four years older than me.   And he happened to be of a slight build as well, and he never gains a pound.  As a matter of fact he's 38 and can fit his band uniform and probably his prom suit.  Anyway, back to my point.   Because my mother was so cheap, I wore all of Charles's lovingly worn pants!  Yep, back in the day, we had these wonderful little things called PATCHES.  Does anyone remember them?  My mom would put a patch on the skidded up knee of my brothers pants and make me wear them.   Now she wasn't cruel enough to make me wear them out.  Nope, only outside where my friends (who were cruel enough to tease me) would see me!   

Luckily for me, I was SO cool (okay, not me but my very-popular brother) that no one really teased me... to my face.   See Charles was and has always been the popular one.  He was like the superstar to the WHOLE family, and my mom has 12 brothers and sisters.    Good ole Charles was like the cousin/brother/nephew that you wanted to be related too.   I really don't know why to this day.  I asked my therapist if it was my imagination.  (Just joking I don't have a therapist... anymore).   Because of his popularity, I didn't have to endure too many taunts and teases.  Plus I was a bully.  More on that later.

Anyway HAIR, that's what I was talking about.   This hairdo I remember well.  My mother lovingly (read: quickly), gathered ( I originally said brushed but realized there could not have been one brush anywhere in this house) my hair up to the highest point on my head and she put a rubber band on what she could, slicked some POMADE on the sides and then she taped this little bow on top.  Yep, i knew on my way out the door for picture day that I was screwed!

As bad as it was, my mother got the largest package and lovingly sent these pictures of me all of the country.  To about 12 states.   

And forever (and now thanks to the internet) I will be immortalized with this shirt, this sweater, this hair and a taped bow.  

TTYL   Robbin

Monday, August 11, 2008

Week 5!!!!!

Sorry, for the two ppl (none of my local friends of course) that read my blog.  I was busy studying for my final exam.  Now that I've successfully failed it, I have more time to blog!!!!  Hopefully I didn't fail the exam but its not looking good!  So because I've been so diligent, I've not had time to post week five pics.  Let me please caution you,  it gets REALLY worse from here on out. No cute little pig nose, no big bow.  Now you get to see what happens when your mom, gives you a perm.

So with out further ado!  

TTYL  Robbin

Saturday, August 2, 2008


My mom was really bad about developing pictures so the year in the corner is WRONG! lol

The first picture is My Brother Charles, My Sister Rose and ME
The Second picture is the Beloved Brother, ME and My MOM.

Week 4!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I am heading into week 4 already.   I know this will get harder after the court opens but I've been trying to stay busy.  I have a final coming up in a few days and I haven't started studying yet.  My front yard is in really bad shape and I need to spend today working on it.  Not to mention I have to get some last minute assignments in, and I volunteered to help with some campaigning.  So that's my weekend.   Exciting huh?  I know!

Positive vibes to all the Gladney families that are scheduled for court this week.  And positive vibes to those held in a suspended pattern that they get thru before court closing.  Lets see 20 plus families get thru so we can start on some REFERRALS!!

TTYL Robbin