Thursday, May 1, 2008

And the decision is????

Not that anyone actually reads my Blog (smile).  But I needed to make the decision of leaving for my trip to San Juan or going to my much coveted fingerprinting  that I received with very short notice.  
 My             appointment was scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) at 10:00 a.m.,

 and my             departs tomorrow (Friday) at 8:00 a.m..'

 Needless to say, I really need a vacation and my ticket is set to expire next week.  

 School is starting back & I'm externing, it will be  hard to finagle for my  

So I needed a little ingenuity.  I decided to go today (Thursday) , at my scheduled time and try to appeal to the sympathy of the USCIS, to take prints!!!!

After a little  and um some   showing.....(those of you who know me know I  would never do that) 

The     said yes.     

 I was allowed to do my 

The office was empty when I got there, and 30 minutes later (after only 3 repeats), the office was packed.   


So I leave you with this little pictorial to illustrate my plight.


TTYL  Robbin


  1. Hey, I'm reading your blog! :) Congratulations on being able to do both! Have a great time in Puerto Rico!!!

  2. Hi Robbin, I just read your comment on Laura's blog, saw you are also a single, black PAP, and had to skip on over & check out your blog.

    You're probably on a plane right now - great job on getting your fingerprints done first! Best of luck on your adoption journey - I look forward to following along. And enjoy the vacation! I'm off to Jamaica in 2wks for my own last, pre-motherhood holiday extravaganza.

    YAY US!!

  3. Yes Ladies I am in Puerto Rico... The cabana boys love me! (actually it's raining but the waiter seems attentive). Thanks for checking on me.

  4. I'm excited to find you! Love your pictorial, hilrious..and me and Haze would use the boobs! LOL Welcome to the family!