Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yummy friends, Good company and Great wine

Today, i had dinner at the The Blue Nile in Ferndale  with two new e-friends.  Both of whom I met in the yahoogroups!  Shout outs to Sara and Cristina.  Dinner was the real deal, but this picture is not, because I forgot to take one.  But this is the jist of what happened, add in a couple of black hands and some delicious Pinot Grigio, and you get the ideal.

Still waiting on that good ole I-171h.  Send out positive vibes to Customs, I've been emailing them regularly, I think they've put me on "ignore".   All I can say is they better not make me call my people cause heads will roll.  (Okay so I don't really know people, but I know people that know people!)



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