Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where have you been?

Studying of course!  A while back I was praying for some direction and thankfully, so many have prayed for me as well.   I know  this is suppose to be a good thing,  but I am very grateful to almost me done... looking like this!

Actually, I just hadn't posted in a while and I wanted to talk about one of my real passions in life..... eating!!!! LOL.  Really I would post before and after pics if I had some after after pics to regain my dignity.  Alas, there are none yet so I have to let you in on a little secret.... I'm on a LIVIT..... what's that you say?  Well its like a Diet... except you do it to Live, so you change forever!!! :)  I have lost 4 lbs in record time and that's all I'm telling you about that!  Suffice it to say that my goal weight loss is exponentially higher than that by many times.   

I have some ideals on how I will do it and I am going to journal it.  But just not so YOU can see lol.   I really want to be ready for an active toddler (or teenager as my negative boyfriend seems to think she will be by the time she comes home!)  I used to run and I actually have a very good food palette. So I think I can combine the two and maybe get some positive results.....

I also wanted to take a moment to discuss my unnatural addiction to Ethiopian food.   Actually, my addiction to it has overtaken my addiction to Taco's!   LOL.   Basically if I hear the word Taco I then need to go home and cook them for dinner (I feel it coming on right now).  However if I SEE injera  then I start to crave it and if I see Doro wat, and lamb and all the other spicy fixins... I have to run over to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in the area Taste of Ethiopia and see my favorite proprietor Meskerem .   
I know that Ethiopian food is family style dining.   But the other day I couldn't help it and since I am unable to convince any of my friends to eat there with me.... I had to go alone!!!! That's right,  a whole table full of food for just ME!!!!!!!!!!

Which brings me full circle to my LIVIT.  And the end of this really stupid post.

TTYL Robbin


  1. funny!

    My confession though, I HATE Ethiopian food. Was very disappointed in myself when I tried it. I am actually jealous of all the people that love it. Sigh.

    Good luck on your LIVIT journey!

  2. oh, I so understand. I went to our local ETH restaurant for Genna with our NE Ohio group 2 weeks ago. Then I went last week and had an appetizer there when I went to pick up injera for an ETH dinner we had last Saturday to MAKE my family eat Ethiopian food. I have to say, I was impressed that they tried it ;) Now, I am thinking..."hmm, when can we go back?" Maya's b-day is in a month and a half. I think that's where we'll go on her actual birthday before SHE chooses places like McD's and Red Robin in the years to come.

    No, you are not the only one with this addiction. Just wait til you go to ETH, smell the wonderful food being cooked there and then when you come home and visit Taste of Ethiopia and you'll be taken back to your journey of bringing home your babe...yet another reason to go ;)

  3. Mmm...I love Ethiopian food. I wish we didn't have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get it. Livit diets are the only way to go.
    I'm glad you posted. I've been wondering about you.

  4. Marshall and I have that SAME addiction to Ethiopian food. YUM. Lucky for us, our favorite restaurant is right by Marshall's work, so he can easily swing by and pick some up to bring home for dinner. YUM.

  5. Robbin good to see you posting again, I wish you luck w/the diet b/c I have fallen off the wagon myself, but tomorrow is another day.

  6. As Oprah says, I've fallen off the wagon and it's run over me, backed up and run over me again! Good grief :(

  7. I love ET food too - especially Asa Tibs. Ummm, Asa Tibs....

  8. I'm West Africa, but I am also totally in love with Ethiopian food myself. I like the idea of the "Livit"...much better phrase than "diet." :)

  9. i would go with you anytime! I love Ethio food so much and just can't do it justice at home!! I'm addicted!!!
    Mom to 2 beautiful Ethiopians and 2 beautiful bio children