Monday, March 31, 2008

Moving right along

Today, I made great strides.   I Fed Ex'd all of my Gladney docs.  All of them.  And my Homestudy draft was sent to GladneS for review.  My social worker has been great about making changes quickly despite the fact that she was on vacation for Easter/Spring Break.  Really, any hold up was because of me.  I put off the medical exam for quite some time :(  I don't like shots!  In collecting my Dossier docs I dropped a request off to my bank and my employment letter took care of the insurance requirements.   I am debating using KBS dossiers.  I am not put off by the price at all, I think it is very reasonable if you have adverse feelings to paperwork.  I think after years in real estate and specifically mortgage processing, collecting documents come second nature to me.  In Michigan, you can have notarized documents authenticated for 1.00 at Secretary of State Super Centers on the spot, and I happen to live five minutes from the one.   I think for sure I need an eye for mistakes and for the next level of certification.  Also, I was told that Gladney will late KBS send the file directly to Ethiopia once completed without having the extra step of sending it from the Embassy back to Gladney.

Well Babycakes, we are getting closer!

Talk To Ya Later (TTYL)

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