Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Overnight does not necessarily mean the next Night!

Yesterday I worked very hard on getting my full adoption application for Gladney together.  I wanted all three parts instead of the recommended one week after another.  Here's a list of the things required.
1st Group
1. Application -- 8 pgs
2. Statement of International Adoption Risks
3. Acceptance of Adoption Risks
4. Check for program deposit
5. Check for Homestudy review
6. PCR Form
7. Service Plan Agreement
8. Child Preference Form
2nd Group
1. Family Photos- 10-12 color photos
2. Birth Certificate
3. Employer Letter
4. CIS "Release of Information" form
3rd Group
1. Physician report
2. Medical insurance Proof
3. Criminal Clearance and child abuse clearance
4. 4 reference letters

So I put everything together, made copies and ran (by car of course) to Fed Ex to send it off using my new Fed Ex account.  Overnight.  Thank you very much.  $37.00 later, I left feeling very progressive.  Now, let me mention that Gladney suggest each group one week after the other, but NO, I wanted to really impress th
em with my great document accumulation skills.  Now hindsight is 20/20.  Had I sent the first group say, a week ago, I would not have ran into my next hiccup.

I received an email from social worker saying Gladney could not approve my homestudy because they did not have my APPLICATION.  So of course I thought, have no fear....
. just a minor snafu...  my application is on a plane right now headed to my patiently waiting case manager that has nothing else to do but review it STAT!  

Enter the next hiccup, stage left.  
So I decide to track my lovely package sent by my trustworthy Fed Ex, a
nd alas, my package was sitting in TENNESSEE!   What the hell?
So I verify that I in fact sent it to TEXAS and not TENNESSEE.  And yes, the address was verified and there was really no excuse for my package to be just sitting.  
  My Fear
So, of course like the type A personality neurotic that I am, I called Fed Ex to promptly get to the bottom of the missing package.  The very nice Customer Service Gentlemen (at extension #####00000000 -- right 
now please).... informed me that my package is in fact sitting on a runway in Nashville, waiting on the weather to clear up.  And no ma'am we will not be refunding any of your hard earned cash because it is an Act of God, You do believe in God right?

So now, my homestudy is done, my application package is complete and I am just waiting in limbo.   

My good intentions were all for naught!  
Okay, so  today is April 1st, and I guess the the jokes on me!!! 

My Lovely Package

TTYL Robbin


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. It's so much fun! I look forward to following your process, snafus and all. It will be so worth it in the end!
    Kerri and Ruby

  2. Saw your link on the yahoo group...wanted to welcome you to the blogging world...I look forward to following your journey. love the photos ;)