Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day

Adoption in sub saharan  Africa is grown primarily because of AIDS.  We are affected. Period.  I can't allow myself to selfishly believe that God is allowing this epidemic to grow for the purpose of me becoming a parent.  I am being allowed to adopt for the purpose of making change in the life of  a child and promoting change in the life of a country; and in my own country; and within my own race; in my own community.  

Please watch ALL OF US a documentary by an Ethiopian American doctor about women and AIDs and how the AIDS epidemic involving African American women and African women mirror each other so closely.  Imagine, a third world country and urban America.  Its on Showtime!!  

This is an amazing documentary.




  1. Hey Robbin,

    I think we had the most well wishers I've ever seen too! I didn't even know that many people knew about our blog :)

    So, I see you're with Gladney and on the waitlist? Congrats! I'll be following your journey - can't wait for you to see your little one! If you happen to get your referral before we travel (on Dec. 20th) or while we're there, e-mail me and I will take pictures for you! rebeccalynnwinter at gmail dot com. I will probably be taking pictures of everyone at the care centers just in case. There was a lady that happened to have a picture of Eli that she took when she went to bring her baby home. It's a great gift to receive! Any glimpse into our children's life is truly amazing.

  2. ok, now i feel stupid. I just glanced down through some of your other posts and you talked about your adoption being postponed? I thought those already in the program would continue on without interruption? I am so, so sorry. I know the waiting is brutal. I'll be praying for you!