Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real meaning of Christmas

I know Christmas in America is about "getting".... its taught so young and as kids we ran to meet friends and family asking: "what did you get?". With so many with so little at this time I am reminded that Christmas is about "giving". Take the word in its literal form: More Christ. Lets be more like Christ and give...... many will not even know its Christmas

My heart is in Africa. Again, dominating the world on the places with the greatest need.

Check this out!

Go Doctors Without Borders!!!




  1. Hi Robbin,

    I'm hoping to join a group of doctors from a local Christian Health Clinic on medical mission to Ethiopia in 2009. This was something I planned to do before the idea of adopting came up.

  2. Merry Christmas to you! I found your blog when I read the comments posted on Lisa Marie's blog, which is, by the way, gone now! You had the guts to speak up! I'll be following your journey. We brought home our Ethiopian daughters in August. Rebecca

  3. Girl it is 2am and I just can't sleep I have all these visions in my head of my two girls. Before I closed my eyes I wanted to check your blog, Terrie's blog, and Angla's blog, which I do on a daily....LOL. As I drove home tonight I thought about you and this road of a journey we have both walked so closely together, even w/ being miles apart. It was only our adoption journeys that brought us together, and I have to say you have been a true friend and a trooper through this entire process. My two girls belong to not just me, but to all my sisters who have circled me in prayer,and words of comfort so that means you, Terrie,Angela, Rennee, Diann, and all the others who have rallied around me in silence. For you Robbin, when I needed to hear the truth, you gave it nice and raw, when I needed to be heard and just a occassional, yeah I understand, you gave it, when my opinion came accross to strong, you were still there listening, saying to me, I understand, and b/c of that I am so happy our paths crossed. I am here pushing and pulling for you b/c your baby (ies) are there in ET, and We are going to circle around you w/prayers, lots of them, until you get them home.

    Merry X-mas my friend