Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This pissed me off.  It should piss you off too (cause its my blog and I said so).  I would love to hear ANYTHING that sounds like a different perspective on this...... 

I borrowed it from my friend Valarie's blog.... we both are at a loss for words (I know hard to believe right).

Oh yeah.   The NEW YORK POST published this......

I wanted to say little but come on.....  Two days ago a chimp was killed after attacking a visitor to his "mom's" home.    The tape was chilling.   This is what you do to a chimp out of control. 

Is there a correlation?




  1. This is offensive on MANY levels.

  2. I'm not even sure what to say. Just awful.

  3. YOu know...I don't know why it surprises me...but it does. IT's beyond words.....I thought the media hype was to embrace CHANGE...not more of the same old hate mongering....sigh

  4. This is just sick. Even though our beloved President is calling for change, there still so so many seething with the same old hate.

  5. I saw this on the news this morning...I am SO glad that I'm not the only one who found it horribly offensive and violent...
    Unfortunately, we live in a part of the country (SW Missouri--not by choice exactly) where this mindset is way too prevalent. I'm just sick of it myself.

  6. Whoa. I'm stunned. Their explanation is probably that they were trying to say the stimulus bill was so bad it could have been written by apes, but there's no way in he-- that they didn't recognize the hateful racial double-meaning. So disgusting. Of course, I can't say I'm surprised that this drivel is coming from the NYP.

  7. (I saw it and heard it being discussed but I have to say my bit)...That's some sick ish right there.

    In the words of my son, "haters doing what haters do when they are pressed---letting their own inferior issues rise to the top". (Now that's a shame when a pre-teen can split it and spit it like that).

    This is "sad" and they don't even care that their ignorant hearts me are being exposed and laid open for the world to see.

    You know what the weird thing is about the message in the cartoon (besides the *igger-monkey-chimp), I've heard many folks in my territory of California are wanting America's economy to fail (for unemployment to go up, for more people to become homeless, for folks to hold onto their wallets rather than stimulate the economy) so that it will ensure a Republician President five years. WTF/WTH are folks thinking...let's let families suffer just so we can get a Sarah Palin in office???? ***Yep, "you betcha" and I bet China and India are glad to hear that desire!!***

  8. I am just incredulous that something like that would be published in the NEW YORK POST, a mainstream newspaper.Am I that naive? It is so blatant and just so wrong. Freedom of press......wth??

  9. There is not much to say about this "so called cartoon".

    I liked what you wrote about your brother and how he was not given a chance to talk or explain ( maybe he is Ethiopian). Many adoptive parents seem to think there is a difference. My daughter is an African American who was born in Ethiopia. I do not want to teach her to tell people she is Ethiopian. I want her to be just as proud to be an African American as she is of being from Ethiopia.
    It is up to us, her parents, to learn about and honor all her heritages. We have a huge job!