Sunday, April 12, 2009

The call -- My ship has FINALLY come!

disclaimer:  Not your typical description, very long, kind of boring, and just pretty odd...

Okay... Sorry it took so long to write this post. I know for me reading about THE CALL is one of my favorite parts. I didn't think I could do it any justice until the shock wore off, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to share this.

First of all, I must preference this by saying I am a MANIAC about this adoption.  I have a strong ability to retain details and I have sorted all of the possible scenarios of how this referral could actually come about.  I was CERTAIN, my call would come this week... I was almost embarrassed to share it with very many people because I didn't want to seem so certain, but I just knew.  

Anyway, so I usually don't go to school on Thursday but I went to a workshop at school and my mind was not on the phone or the computer.  I got home at 3:00 and I thought to myself... maybe I should email Abbey to ask her if Gladney was going to be open on Friday.  You see I was convinced my call was coming on FRIDAY.  Gladney really likes Friday and now Friday was not a normal business day.  Anyway, I didn't email her.  Let me back up a little.   After hearing that I could be coming close to being matched with a baby, I had emailed Abbey and asked her to email me first in case I wasn't near the phone, then I emailed her again and said maybe you should call me.  She was good about my craziness and told me she would definitely call me because "it's better that way".  

So I'm laying across the bed not particularly feeling anything.  Just eery, quiet and weird.  At 3:57 my phone rang.  817 area code.  I picked it up rather reserved, the call went something like this (yes I am ruining it for those who are waiting lol)

Abbey:  Hi Robbin
Robbin:  Hey Abbey 
very casual, cause you know we talk everyday NOT
Abbey:  How are you Robbin
Robbin: Um... well I don't know Abbey, how are you
Abbey:  Well I think your day is about to get much better... are you near your computer
Clearly Abbey doesn't know me, I sleep with my computer.  Mac is my man.
Robbin:  Its right here Abbey...
Abbey:  I'm sending you an email, let me know when you get, we can open it together.
Insert incessant laughing here.  Delirious insane, Coo coo for Cocoa Pops Laughing
Robbin:  It's here Abbey... Oh Lord, I have a referral
At this point I start thinking....who the Hell is home... I need support!
Abbey:  There are some pictures....
Robbin:  I see them...
Abbey:  Isn't she beautiful
Ummm okay, lets stop right here... she is umm very very NOT what I expected
Abbey:  Robbin?   Are you there
No response, just shock...
Abbey:  Robbin?
Robbin:  Yes Abbey, I'm here
Abbey:  She is 4 months
Email Tami:  "I'm getting a referral"
Tami: What are you emailing for? (of course you're getting a referral what's your point)
Me: No Tami, I'm getting the referral right now...
Abbey:  Robbin are you there.... did you see the little one where she is...
Robbin:  Um Yeah sure...
Email 7 other ppl:   "I'm getting a referral!!!!!"
Abbey:  Okay Robbin I need you to open the second document
Robbin:  Okay Abbey
My phone starts ringing OFF THE HOOK.  
Email Tami:  Why the hell are you calling me??? I'm talking to Abbey
Tami:  I need INFO!!!!
Abbey: Robbin are you there?
Robbin:  Yes Abbey, I see it (whatever IT is)
I know she is saying something.  Maybe its in Amharic.  I can't understand her.  Maybe I need an interpreter.
Google... Amharic interpreter Michigan
Abbey:  Robbin what are you thinking
Robbin:  Honestly Abbey?
Abbey: Yes
Robbin:  I hear a noise so I know you must be talking... but really I hear "wa womp wa womp, wa womp, wa womp" insert Charlie Brown teacher voice  " I am honestly not sure what you are talking about."
Abbey:  Robbin are you okay.
Insert incessant laughing here. Delirious insane, Coo coo for Cocoa Pops Laughing
Abbey:  You will have all of this in writing.  You can review it later.  It can be a lot to absorb.  I'll just keep going if that's okay
Robbin: Um yeah sure
Reviewing about a hundred emails from the same seven maniacs that keep calling my phone and start sending pictures
Tami:  Answer the phone!!!!!!!! Cutie!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGcutieeeeeeeeepiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee
Abbey:  Are you  there Robbin
Robbin:  Yes Abbey, are you done?
Abbey: Well... um there is a little more
Robbin:  I have to go now Abbey
Abbey:  Well umm... I really am happy for you, I won't be in tomorrow and......
Emailing, sweating, hyperventilating. Completely not understanding what Abbey is saying... must be Amharic again.
Robbin:  Bye Abbey, have a great Easter, talk to you Monday.  Bye now.  Bye Bye
Abbey:  Um, okay Robbin, have a great weekend.
Call ended 4:27.  39 emails from friends later!

Can I tell you that it was the weirdest and most unplanned reaction, I get that.  It was not at all how I imagined.  And it took me three days before I was ready to even relive the oddity.

More of my reaction to follow.  But I really want to share this song.  Its very very fitting!  

I know People don't always feel like watching the videos, and a lot of times they are reading from a reader or have the volume down, but the song I have going is by an artist name K'jon. It is a TREAT. It means so much to me and my little one. I would love to share it with you!

It feels like
Is passin' me by
Every now and then
It feels like (feels like)
My ship has gone and sailed away
But I
I gonna be strong (gotta be strong)
Gotta hold on
It won't be too long

Now the tide is coming near
I see the waves flowing
Out there on the ocean
I know my ship is coming in
Just pass the horizon
And right where the sky ends
Cause out there on the ocean
Know my ship is coming in
But don't leave me hanging
I've been waiting to long
But this moment
My ship has finally come

I would travel to the seven seas
(I would even go)
I would even go wherever the wind blows me
(I'll do anything)
I'll do anything to find my destiny
It's like fightin' with gravity
And it's bringin' me down
If this world was really round then tell me how
It's just a moment for you to come around

Now the tide is coming near
I see the waves flowing
Out there on the ocean
I know my ship is coming in (coming in baby)
Just pass the horizon
And right where the sky ends
Cause out there on the ocean
Know my ship is coming in
But don't leave me hanging
I've been waiting to long
But this moment
My ship has finally come

Finally you come (around)
Around, around
I said finally baby

Finally you come (around)
Around, around

Finally you come around, come around baby

Super Duper Thank You to everyone that has reached out to me.  I was NOT prepared for all the support and well wishes.  It is an amazing and overwhelming feeling.  

Thank you for sharing in this journey.  




  1. I love reading about your phone call!! I think we all have trouble understanding ourselves or others during that call. I actually posted that I spoke some sort of referral day language that I didn't even know I knew:-) I am so excited for you and that sweet baby of yours!!!

  2. Nice recap Robbin!!

    Keep the post reading them!!

  3. My little one was really small too. My experience is that the caregivers catch them up fast. I am taking pediasure for a little boy who's struggling with weight. I'm thrilled that this is happening for you. You can email me at so that we can coordinate before I leave on 4/22. much love.

  4. That just may go in the hall of fame of odd reactions to a referral. :)
    I cannot imagine doing anything, but staring in shock at the pics, but you email 7 friends? LOL Talk about multi-tasking! Congratulations!!!!

  5. LOL...That was hilarious! Yes, I did do all of that. Couldn't help it. She is such a beauty and perfectly your daughter. It's funny how God works!

  6. Uhhh, I think I'm one of those 7 maniacs! Girl, I was jumping and cheering all over my office when I got your message! I am so excited for you!

  7. Girl!...I don't think I'm supposed to laugh this hard and sort of cry while I am at work! However, I looooooved reading about your call. "I think she is speaking Amharic" was just too sent me over the edge! lol! I am SO happy for you! I think your reaction shows just how life-changing that moment was! The Earth shifted for you and your baby girl. *hug!*


  8. You crack me up!!! That sweet girl of yours is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm beyond excited for you!

  9. So cool! Thanks for sharing how it went! Like you, I LOVE hearing about THE CALL. Very exciting!

  10. I am SO very happy to hear this! Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us! It is so good hearing that God is good and that He is moving to bring us into families HE creates!

    YES! YAY!

  11. What a great post! My favorite part is reading about the call too! Congratulations to you, I am so happy for you. I just started reading your blog and can't wait to read about when you bring your baby home.



  12. Oh Robbin....CONGRATULATIONS. I haven't checked blogs in a while, so I JUST found out you got your referral. Well, actually, my sister (who follows your blog from mine) had to tell me that you got your referral. I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to find out more about your wee little one.

    Loved the referral phone call story. It is such a surreal moment. I remember I was calling my sister while I was opening my picture of Sabah for the first time. My sister kept talking and asking me stuff and I had no idea what she was saying. I just kept staring at the picture. Ahhh, such sweet sweet memories.

  13. Robbin...I LOVE it! You're hysterical!!!

  14. LOL - what a great recap. You lost your mind and I love it!!

    Between the call, Tami, the emails, and the other phone calls, I can imagine why Abbey made no sense to you. How thoroughly exciting!! I can't wait to read more!

  15. Yay!!!! Finally!!!!! I can't wait to see her tiny face!
    Addis weighed 7 lbs when I brought her home at 6 months and is doing so great!!!!
    I am so happy for you!

  16. Maniac 7 here! LOL! Congratulations again! Love the post!!

  17. You managed to portray "the call" exactly how most people get it. The oh, so casual greating, the manic-like incessant laughing,and the fact that the person on the other end MUST be speaking a different language. So funny and so true!!!! The adoption world is so happy for you and your baby

  18. Hey that was just like I heard it for the first time. You are too funny and I love, love this song. I sing it all the time. The words are perfect aren't they.

  19. This is my favorite kind of post, too!!!!

    Thanks for your comment — here's hoping you're right!!!! :)

  20. See now, why you go and call us manaics like that? Oh yeah, I forgot, I can't be mad at you...because you just got a referral!!!! And yes, she is tiny, but she is BEAUTIFUL (I finally figured out who she looks like...Baby Girl has your eyes---she has that twinkle in her eyes like you do---watch out world)!!!

    PS...I love, love, love the songs you're posting---keep it up and I'm going to need to hang out on your blog instead of listening to my favorite radio station KBLX.

  21. Too funny Robbin. Can't wait to see her in your arms:)

  22. I love all the details!! Can't wait to see her cute face!

  23. Yippee for referral day! Congrats!

  24. Congratulations! Very cute referral day story!

  25. So happy for you! You have been so patient. I will pray that the rest of the process goes smoothly and quickly...

  26. That was too funny! Thanks for sharing it with us. So hapy for you!!!!

  27. OK now I've read this and I have the biggest smile on my face! Thanks for writing YOUR referral call post!

    How lovely!

    And everyone should have a Tami in their lives to call constantly until you pick up!

  28. Your phone call is just the BEST!!! Too funny actually. It never goes exactly how we imagine it, but it is still wonderful all the same. I am sure she is the cutest little thing ever! Congratulations!

  29. This is one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. (Love the image of the "cocoa puffs" laughter!)

    Congrats Robbin! I'm so happy for you!


  30. That is hysterical!!! I totally remember our calls, to this day I am not sure at all what I said, if it made sense or if I actually hung up on our case worker!

    Congratulations to you! I can't wait to see her face!

  31. Congratulations Momma!!! What great news!! So excited for you and your daughter.

  32. I love your referral story. LOVE IT! I am overwhelmingly excited for you and can not wait until you post your photos of her in your arms. sweet.

  33. Wow I felt like I was there watching you..thank you for the details...really helps while I wait to hear such wonderful experiences. I hope you bring her home soon!!

  34. What a cute recap! I feel your excitement! Congratulatons!!

  35. Congratulations Robbin!

  36. I really enjoyed reading your play by play on the phone call. I can't wait for my call. I am sure I will be just as animated. Congrats.

  37. It was great meeting you the other day!! I decided to go back and re-read this post and watch the video. You are full of so much energy - your little girl is so lucky to have you!! Our son was super tiny and considered malnourished when we received his referral but God takes care of that! Godspeed on your court date! Beth (Karen's friend!)

  38. I love it! Thanks for sharing the details. I look forward to reading more about the journey ahead of you.
    Here's to quick travel time!
    Kim @ tickledpink

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