Thursday, November 12, 2009

photo shoot

Me and Lulu did an impromptu photo shoot a few weeks back and I just got the proofs.   I called myself photoshopping them before the pro's did their thing, and my friend Arilee brought me back to reality.  Better keep my day job ... oh wait I don't have one LOL.   Anyway here is some of the pics!



  1. First of all, Lulu and you look like the two of you are sisters NOT mommy and daughter.

    Second, the pics turned out good to me. I like the first one with the leaf and how there's a shadow of the leaf on your hand.

    Then, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with Miss Lulubell covered in leaves (babygirl is beautiful...but you hear that all the time I'm sure).

    Anyway, I like the photos. Did you upload the free LR onto your computer? Mr. VideoHighSchool Man (yeah, him), is having a ball with the effects he is able to do with the LR...check it out from my blogsite it's offered free until the end of November I think).

    How was your night out????

  2. What great photos! Your daughter is SOOO cute and you are gorgeous! So happy for you!

  3. The pictures are SO cute! Lulu is absolutely adorable!

  4. So sweet!!! And you do look so young :) Beautiful.

  5. Your pics came out nice. Why were you trying to photoshop them?
    They're pretty.

  6. These are beautiful pictures! What a lovely family.

  7. Gorgeous pics, Robbin u are just glowing. Mommyhood looks good on you!

  8. yall look good together, she is so cute, what a lil princess