Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is Thanksgiving.   I have so much to say.   Last year on November 19th, 2008, I was told by my agency that Single Parent Adoptions were going to be limited if not stopped all together.  Gladney was going to try to push thru 10 women and I was number 12 on that list!   I mean I was just sickened.  Completely.   This "thing" that I wanted was so close but continued to remain so far away.  I started this process in Feb of 2008 and had been on the wait list since July of 2008.  At this time I had been waiting 4 of an estimated 8 months for my referral.   HALF WAY THERE!!!  If on target I could possibly meet my little baby sometime around March.  Now with the new limitation I was told that I MAY be able to continue the process in October of 09 while some of my friends would have to wait until October 2010 or October 2011

I remember the hysteria around that time.  I remember the feeling of hopelessness, incompleteness and overall sadness.   I remember all of the very kind words from strangers.  I saw so many people searching for a situation and I became a sort of guru of information about who, what, when and where you could go to possibly still be accepted into the ever closing window.  I made my decision immediately.  I would be still and wait until I could hear the voice of God.   I stated very matter of factly to others that despite having other options (domestic) I would stand still until March or April.  And then I would decide.  I spoke to many friends who could not see any good coming out of waiting.  But I didn't have ONE DIME to move to another agency and more than half of my fees had been paid.   I just had to wait.  

On April 1, 2009, I received a call from agency saying we would have a conference call for singles only.  On April 2nd I was told that single parent adoption would be resumed and I was NUMBER 2 on the list waiting for a referral!!!!!! 

And on April 9th I met Lulako Daniso!!

So much fear so much anxiety... but the first glimpse of my beautiful daughter (beautiful now but I wasn't so sure then!)

A lot had to happen to make this a reality.  And for each and EVERY step I am so VERY THANKFUL!!!!!!!

  • For the extended wait time... so that I could be matched to THIS little girl
  • For the many friends that understood because they were going thru the same thing
  • For the family that supported me
  • For God for having vision over my life 
"They" said it couldn't happen.  But IT DID.  

I am praying today for Celeste  who is still waiting for her girls and for Tami who is still waiting to see her girl.  


Girls last year was bad...  but this year we are full of thanks and praise!

**** sorry for the late post!!!!



  1. She is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing the "Extra" stress for singles! My paperwork arrived in July 2009 to Ethiopia!! As of "right" now I am ok but it is such a ROLLERCOASTER!

  2. What a wonderful post!!! Of course I can totally relate as I was in the same group (and same agency) you were in, and getting that news was devastasting. But everything worked out! I believe my baby boy and I were meant to be together so everything happened at the right point in time. I'm soooo very, very thankful for my handsome, rambunctious, super cheerful son who came home in May 2009. It's amazing how the year turned out!!!

  3. Thanks Robbin, yes, thanks for that walk down memory lane!!! I love the pics of you and LULU and she is a keeper for sure!!!


  4. WOW! I sit here reading and reflecting those days and all I can say is this: You.Are.My.Shero.For.Ever.For.Life!

  5. Thanks friend. I love you and Lulu!