Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Age 15

Okay, I got very few comments on the last year maybe because the pics were so hard to see or maybe cause I'm getting cuter (yes that's a word) and ya'll stopped laughing lol!
The top picture was my first date with my first boyfriend... yes I was fast.  I went to church with his family.  And the second pic was a typical Robbin glamour shot!  

Maybe if my referral comes soon then I can start a new parade of something else!




  1. Wow... look at you rockin' the fan!!! I love it!

  2. Oh, no, I was still laughing. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't type. JUST KIDDING. The pictures were just too far away.

    I love seeing you grow up each week. Like I said before...you are SO BRAVE. I started going through my picture box to copy you, but I couldn't find a single one I was brave enough to post! :)

    Your referral will come soon. You should start a poll. I'll start...I think you will receive your referral on December 2.

    note: I did this on another friends blog...she started a poll, and that VERY day she got her referrals. You can thank me later...haahaa.

  3. Love the glamour shots. you and your daughter should get them together! I feel it is coming soon! I bet my Thanksgiving you will have a sweet Ethiopian face to put with your sweet name!
    Sara :) Dinner soon?

  4. Robbin,
    I love looking at your pictures! Don't stop. Maybe I will try to post some of my "growing pain pictures soon. After I figure out how to tie it into the topics!
    Keep doing what you are doing! Your season is coming soon.

  5. Go head glamor girl! Wave your fan with your bad self.

  6. oh yea like Tania said...I was still laughing. LOL But you are getting cuter! So...how was the date? And BTW, I finally answered the tag!

  7. Oh, Glamour Shots, does that bring back memories. I can remember when they started putting them in all the malls around us.

    My mom sooooo wanted me to do that but I had to be all teenage rebellion!

    Love the fan!


  8. Hi Robbin, I tagged you. Go over to my blog for details.

  9. Hi Robbin,

    You Won!!!!

    Love the glam fan:)

  10. Robbin,
    I found your blog through another international adoption blog. Your posts are so fun! I am loving the parade of pictures from each year. Unfortunately, I have similar pictures--but mine are not nearly as cool as yours! Hang in there, your daughter will be with you soon!