Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Virtual Baby

Apparently there is some discussion going on on the list about VW and Brooke Shields making an "offensive" ad.  I guess I just didn't get as offended as many.  In the really (extremely) long ad spot on the VW website which is obviously intended as a spoof similar to SNL skit, Brooke says something about ppl "cyber adopting" for the purpose of being able to drive this minivan.  And what appears to be two white women remove what appears to be an asian baby from the minivan.  Some on the list have said that it was "hurtful".  I thought it was kind of stupid, but I wasn't offended.

You watch it and decide.

But what I did love is that I was able to have me a virtual-baby, with anyone that I want.  So I called my Baby daddy... Hill 
And he agreed!!!   So here is our little one!!!    Isn't he cute?  (Kind of weird huh?)
And if you want to have your own little one, check it out here!  And please, let shoot me a picture.  

TTYL  Robbin


  1. I love your post!! and I want one of those Volkswagens!


  2. That is soooo weird. I gonna do it again with my real baby daddy....Barack!!!!

  3. Girl you are so funny......I think Hill is HOT!!! Too....

  4. I wrote a "Dear John" letter to Tavis Smiley after meeting Hill Harper at my Cenntenial Celebration in DC this year where Hill autographed a copy of his new book for me. That is one good looking man!

  5. Robbin, I almost commented on the big ET board but realized it would be of no use. Who do we send the letter to about the bad neighborhood conversation and the "can't send my kids to a black school" conversation? With all the hubbub I was shocked when I watch the video and would have missed the virtual baby thing if I had blinked my eyes.

  6. I just found your blog, and I did the baby thingee. Idris Elba and I made the cutest little boy. Idris Elba is the hunk from The Wire, mmmmmm. Whoa. Anywho, I have had a great time laughing with you at your little girl pics.


  7. You and Hill made a cute kid...

    I thought the commercial was hillarious-Brooke was nut job. If you go around taking yourself too serious all the time you'll crack up!
    Let's see who I can make a baby with...Denzel or George Clooney..