Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lulu Learned to climb the stairs!

They say jealousy breeds competition.   I live in a ranch style house so Lulu never really sees stairs, but my friend Mai announced that her 10 month old was climbing the stairs and I thought to myself... "self, you better get your 13 month old on that"... Although my little angel was delayed in her gross motor skills when she came home, she is quickly moving on up the ladder!  Besides walking (which she ain't doing!) she has politely tested out of her age group for everything.  So now my little genius... um hmm... has figured out the art of stair climbing on her first go round at Granny's house.   There has been some editing to this video: I tried to take the fat person in the hat (me) out and also though it looks like she is falling backwards she isn't just at the end; but besides that this is true finesse and skills!!!  Of course my family is hyping her up and pushing her to the finish line.   Act impressed... I'm a first time mom!!! LOL.... Oh yeah I added some nice CBR music to describe my daughter turning into the beautiful butterfly that she is becoming :)  (corny I know... but who cares!)

Honestly I can't believe how awesome her "normal" is.   




  1. You are so hilarious!!! But the video... very cute!!!

  2. Lulu said baby pleeeze I will not be outdone by ANYONE!!! Go Lulu!

  3. Awwww! She is rockin it! And of course you should be proud...she is your princess. :)

  4. wow LuLu is getting so big! I love it!!! We want more videos and pics of Lulu.

    Loved it.

  5. This was way cute. That Lulu is a SUPERSTAR! Now you can try to keep up with her moving on the stairs too.

  6. haha, so we inspired you!! Go LULU... Umm Bean says she better get on it because he's now trying to take steps. lmbo. He needs his future wife to be able to keep up and compete!! We love yall!! Bean and I will be there in a couple weeks so I can "do" Before we leave we gotta get the two together for a playdate. Bean likes older women! LOL

    Your rival and friend... Mai!

  7. That little booty going up those stairs is the CUTEST thing!!

    I have four self-birthed babies and one didn't walk till she was 15 months and two of them did not walk until they were 17 months don't worry about it.

  8. okay, the only thing I can read from the above post on 2/8/2010 is "sex"
    ...whf is going on???? am I missing something in coded cyber language????
    and why aren't ya'll speaking amharic as the foreign language of choice????

    ...scratching my head full of locks and screaming ROBBIN!!!!

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