Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blog Addiction

Ok, I will admit it.... I am a Blog addict. I spend an insane amount of time researching and reading Blogs. I cannot get my friends and family to understand the concept of Blogging. It's evolving, and changing material, like a journal. If I invite them to see my Blog, what they see that ONE day is the extent of what they will see. Bless their hearts. I guess it will catch on in a year or so. My mom will probably be the first to get it. She always gets it first.  

Part of my infatuation with Blogs, is the intimacy that I share with people that share my like interest and goals and desires. These are people that I do not know, and may never meet. You can find Blogs about ANYTHING!!!! (And yes, I know blog is not a noun, I just like to capitalize it.)

The three (is there even 3?) people that read my Blog, know that I am also in a weird love affair with YOUTUBE (All caps, all the time to symbolize the importance it has in my life lol). I think YOUTUBE gives you the ability to really see into the lives of others and really see things that you may be interested in. Oh the proverbial "fly on the wall". Really, anything, from step by step recipes, to child birth... LIVE!  

I am so happy to have this thing called "internet" to make my world a little broader.  I know that now, my ignorance to things can only be attributed to my desire NOT to want to know, because the internet provides me a grand opportunity to at least learn the preliminaries about anything and everything, anytime.  Thank you Wikipedia.  

Okay, so this Blog in particular allows me to go on and on in true Robbin fashion.  My friends in Blogville (a place, so I am allowed to capitalize it), may not know that I am so wordy; but my non-visiting-the-blog-real- friends know I can go on and on and on .... You get the picture.

Anyway, the reason for this Sunday morning post is because, while visiting Sandi and Jason's Blog I found this video.  I hope they don't mind that I borrowed it.   I hope that my non-visiting-the-blog-"real"-friends (NVBRF) will watch it and understand a little more why ETHIOPIA is so important.  Why it matters so much to me.  Even though the grim reality is that for every 1 child that is adopted, there are 10,000 orphans left behind.

Am I doing the right thing by adopting this one small child away from her homeland?  Am I guilty of just skimming the cream and leaving the rest? Is there a greater calling to help every orphan sustain life in there own homeland by contributing to the economic growth of the country, by giving rather than taking away?

This video is amazing.   It has brought me to tears.  It has made me question who I am.  I hope that it affects you as well.



  1. Blogging is so addictive. Many of my nonblogging friends think I'm crazy because I will talk about so many friends I have never met in person.

    As far as the question of whether it is better to adopt an orphan and take them out of their homeland or support orphans overseas, my philosophy is this: That country (Guatemala for now but soon Ethiopia as well) gave me one of their greatest gifts. It is my responsibility (and that of all IA parents), not only to teach my child to value their heritage, but also to give back to that country in ways that might help keep families together and work to eliminate the orphan crisis. Now, I know my meager contributions will not actually end the orphan crisis but maybe I can help one mother not have to place her child for adoption due to poverty. Maybe, I can help educate one child so that when they grow up they can provide for their family. I prefer smaller charities where I can really see where my contributions are going. In Guatemala, my favorite charity is I'm still looking for that charity in Ethiopia.

    Just my 2 cents...
    Kerri and Ruby

  2. Rather saying blogging is addictive I will say it is interesting & knowledging!
    You read or post comments to differnt people.You learn so much from these!Great thing!!!!!



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