Thursday, April 3, 2008


In honor of my love hate relationship with FedEx.   My package did finally arrive at Gladney.   

Ok so I'm a relatively educated person. Not really smart, but quite learned.  I've been to college, some grad school and now Law school.   I built it all on my Urban-inner-city college-prep primary school education.  Perhaps, it was that primary education that put me on the wrong track, because, I was in college before I had to name all the states and capitols! (Ok maybe in 3rd grade but who remembers?).  I definitely was in college before I was challenged to name the countries on the continent of Africa.  Of course by this time I knew that there was a ton that I didn't know and that I am definitely not Smarted Than A Fifth Grader.  So I've had the luxury of being a selfish American and only being concerned with whatever I wanted to be concerned with. 
Suffice it to say, that when I decided on Ethiopia I pulled my College textbook out and revisited my Africa map and thanks to Wikipedia, I looked at the entire region and became totally fascinated with the city of Ethiopia.... just kidding!     Forget the fifth grader.  I am not even smarter than a 5 year old. 
I've decided to challenge myself to learn more things.  I think I will start from the very beginning and I will only learn from those who have mastered the art of the skill they are teaching.   I have included a copy of my lesson for the day.  As it is done by the Masters.  

TTYL Robbin

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