Thursday, April 17, 2008

Single Mama Drama

I am adopting single and I haven't always gotten the response that I wanted from those closest too me.   Friends and especially family were very luke warm to the ideal.  I'm so tired of answering questions about the status of my uterus.  
I have dated my fair share of guys and although I liked many of them (the last one especially), I don't think that I'd ever want to be involved with them forever in a way that is connected by the great role of being a parent.   I know that two parents is most desirable but not just two people. I hear the constant story from men about the "thorn in my side baby mama." It's hilarious because it could all be AVOIDED.  I hear men who have to "babysit" their own kids.  I see men that don't even bother to spend time with kids but actually want to spend time with ME???????
Ultimately, I see examples of great dads, loving dads, involved dads, and despite-the-odds dads.  And I have one!  My dad didn't live in the house with me but he was always all about me. 
I believe that by adopting this child now, I am committing to be a great parent and I'll keep praying to one day have a companion that will share the experience with me. 

I think that it is important to clear up some things within your life and your mind BEFORE meeting with social workers and going thru the extensive mental interrogation that adoption takes you thru.   This is not for the faint at heart, AND it's expensive.   

As far as my friends, Hell, they don't always understand this "abortion thing".  Hands down I doubt any of them PLANNED to have their children.  They all got pregnant the "normal" way.  By accident.  The fact that I plan to parent makes me head and shoulders above the rest.  Matter of fact, it makes me feel a little superior (smile).  

And alas, since I am addicted to Youtube.  I wanted to share with you a "normal" experience!




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  1. That video is TOO funny. I totally didn't see that coming.