Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's a dog-gone shame

Yesterday I spoke with my agency and they are reviewing my homestudy and my application documents.  They did request a letter from the local police station because of my "brush with the law" in 1996.   My very vicious (not) lab mix sweetie Diamond, was running around without a leash and the very caring (not) dog catcher gave me a citation.  Of course you can't defeat the truth and I paid 100.00 fine, for that misdemeanor and kept my dear poochie out of jail.... that time.  Diamond now has strict instructions to always take a leash when she's going out to walk her self.
Gladney has said it will be about 10 days review
the application and homestudy.  WTF!!!!! It's not the USCIS timeline that takes so much time, it's just that they only start the ticker after they get the homestudy.    

TTYL   Robbin

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