Sunday, August 17, 2008

6 years old and off to school.

Only a very confident woman can post these very scary pics for all the world to see.  In the words of my grandmother:  "What don't kill you, will only make you fat!"

My Grandma will be happy to know I survived the first grade fairly unscathed. Yep, wearing this lovely plaid button up, blue v-neck sweater and combination afro, twist, with a matching barrette.
The photographer was laughing so hard I thought he was trying to encourage me to smile.  And I did.

Poor me.  Living Phat, to tell the story!

TTYL Robbin


  1. Girl you grew up in Michigan and I grew up in Jersey but that paneling on the wall must have been in back in the day.........I love this photo thing I have some photos I can scan also but girl I don't know.......maybe as I wait to travel I will do it leading up to those weeks. Robbin I think you have started something new, fun and different. Each time I look at those photos, it brings me back to my fun childhood days.....Especailly the last post on Valerie's blog.........the one a/b the Stevie Wonder songs......I just look fward to what you have to say each week and what you write a/b each week. Keep is up

  2. Your post made me laugh. And mostly it made me remember a picture from my childhood which is very similar to yours. Only my mom had my hair cut like a boys (I'm scarred for life:)) and my velvet sweater was a purply/plum color. Ahh...a trip down memory lane.


  3. Awww... you're so cute. Was that a hand-me-down shirt from your brother? :)