Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week 4!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I am heading into week 4 already.   I know this will get harder after the court opens but I've been trying to stay busy.  I have a final coming up in a few days and I haven't started studying yet.  My front yard is in really bad shape and I need to spend today working on it.  Not to mention I have to get some last minute assignments in, and I volunteered to help with some campaigning.  So that's my weekend.   Exciting huh?  I know!

Positive vibes to all the Gladney families that are scheduled for court this week.  And positive vibes to those held in a suspended pattern that they get thru before court closing.  Lets see 20 plus families get thru so we can start on some REFERRALS!!

TTYL Robbin

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  1. You go girl!!!! 4 weeks equals a month in my book..... I am right behind you. Girl before you know it we will be over in ET picking our babies up.......guess what we are thinking of making a stop over in Cario Egypt, I have to see how this is goning to work out. I will keep you posted.