Sunday, August 31, 2008

WEEK 8!!!!!!!!!

Yep, Its going into month two!  I am very excited but still a little reserved because it doesn't seem real with me not having anything to do right now.  Perhaps when the courts reopen and the boards start jumping again then I will start to feel that it is going to happen, but right now, I think this "trimester" is trying my patience!

The picture that I included today requires you to count.  But there are 8 symbols there.  And the middle symbol, the yin/yang is the tattoo that I have on my lower back.  I think they call that a "tramp stamp" lol.

TTYL  Robbin


  1. I'm waiting with you! I can't wait to see you get your referral! I hope time flies for you! Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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  3. are crazy....if we lived near each other...I wld be in tears all day laughing at you....Yes to week 8 and waiting for the week picture. I hear he courst are opening September 8th, but that is just a rumor.

  4. I am sorry I mean the 28th of September......ooops

  5. Well, well, well a lil naughty under that nice exterior. I aint mad at ya ;)