Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For your laughing pleasures....

I'm starting to feel like these are the same pictures.  The tweety bird look is the WORSE!!!!!!   And of course RED must be my color!



Wait:  That might be the same sweater as a year ago!!!!!   Must've been dippin in my brothers closet again!


  1. Robbin, OMG I can't wait to get the printer up so I can post some old pics of me........we can all laugh together.....

  2. I am loving those butter fly collars

  3. Look at that nice smile, cheeeezzzz, surely you were the photographers favorite.

  4. love it! love that you were wearing your brothers old sweater. That was the sweet part about being the oldest...no hand me downs. My sisters were not so lucky.

  5. Wow! Can' you believe it's been 8 weeks already! You look super cute - at least as cute as any of us could have looked back then. ;0)
    Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

  6. Robbin I had the same sweater. I was showing your blog to a friend of my mother's last week and she kept saying "are you sure that's not you? That girl looks like she could be your sister with the same big eyes." I'll claim you -- sister!