Sunday, September 28, 2008

I bought a stroller!

Thanks to Tami for sending me to mamabargaincom.   I am sure I didn't need to buy anything, I've spent so much on Ebay that I can no longer account for the packages arriving at the door.  I have purchased all of my big ticket item, except my biggest ticket item -- Nursery furniture!   I am hoping Grandma will want to buy that.   

Anyway, I digress.   I haven't done as much research on strollers as I did on the high chair, but I did know that this time, I wasn't asking any of my friends for their opinions!   I knew that I wanted it to be able to move easily over smooth surfaces and rough surfaces.  I doubt that I needed off roading or all-terrain because clearly, I will not be doing much of that :).  I also wanted something that wasn't too bulky, lightweight and easy to maneuver with ONE hand and thanks to the advice of Christina, it needs to fold UP to me.  I guess it is stupid that most strollers you collapse and it falls to the ground.  So now you have baby in hand and you are trying to bend over and balance the baby while lifting it up.  Of course I wasn't looking for the most expensive but not the cheapest either.  I wanted something durable that would work for more than one year.  I had really been eyeing the Maclaren strollers.  They seem to be the most popular, lightweight, umbrella step-up.    And it really is a NAME BRAND umbrella stroller.  For $100.00 plus.  I knew I didn't want the old school style all in one with ducks and stuff.  I really wanted cup holders Somewhere!  And lets face it.  Ya'll know by now, I want it to not look "baby".  So there were a lot of choices with fabulous colors, features, material and of course nice hefty price tags.  

So back to, this place is great, one item a couple times a day for at least half off and these are things you didn't even KNOW you needed  LOL.   So that's where I found it.

The Micralite Fast Fold. Yes I got the red.   It has many of the features I needed and many that I wanted that I didn't get, but this was really a souped up umbrella stroller on steroids.  Its not bulky at all.  Mine came with the bassinet that you see but I don't expect to get much use out of it.  However its a good alternative to a cradle for the little one.   It retails at $529.  And I got it for $238!   Yep I'm crazy.  I like it and now that's on e more thing off of my list.

Tell me what you think?

TTYL  Robbin


  1. Oh my!! That is one hot stroller!!! I think you have outdone your high chair - I LOVE it!!!!!

  2. Love it -- I registered for a Maclaren as well, but the step down from this as I won't need the convertion to bassinet style. I tried a bunch out at Babies R Us -- and LOVED how smooth theirs were.

    I'll have to check out!! Thanks!

  3. Fun stroller! They keep getting more an more fancy!

  4. Tag, Robbin! You're it! Check out my blog, as I have just tagged you!!

  5. Very nice stroller. I will definitely have to check ou that site. I was going to get a Phil & Teds because I need to use it for exercise as well. Sorry to hear your wait time was pushed back. Are you still taking the bar in February?

  6. Hey, you got that stroller? LOL Good for you! Is it easy to fold and unfold? Tell me all about it! I know one thing it is very pretty!

  7. Okay, I'm up reading your blog....old posts! I can't sleep. Anyway, I think I like this stroller. I hate that I missed this deal b/c I would love to have a stroller that is forward and rear facing, but I can't pay $500! Lol! Still hoping for good news....soon.