Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 10

Wow, time is passing quickly and now I am getting nervous!   I will enter the window in just 2 weeks!!!!!!!   I am prepared for referral times to increase.   My agency is quoting 3-5 months, and just 3 months ago referrals were coming closer to the earlier part of the timeframe.  Now referrals are easily exceeding that timeframe.  So I am predicting within one month, the agency will change the referral time to at the very least 4-6 months but more than like 5-7 months.  I am not at all stressed by that.  I believe my child will be referred to me, despite timeframes and case coordinators, and law changes and regulations, she will be my daughter and I will be her mom.

Not to mention, I take the Bar Exam in February and I don't know why I thought traveling BEFORE that would make ANY SENSE AT ALL!

So my new referral guess:  12/05 (No scientific calculations, its my brother's birthday lol) up from 10/16 (Michigan Sweetest Day lol).  With travel week 1 of March!   

To all my PAP's (adoption speak: Prospective Adoptive Parent) hang in there, our time is not always the right time.  There are greater forces in the universe that contribute (I know weird huh).   

TTYL Robbin

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  1. Your daughter WILL come to you, and though it may be hard to believe it now, she will come at the perfect time. Though I can sure relate to entering a timeframe, only to have that timeframe move.