Monday, September 8, 2008

Age 9

Ok look, these pictures get really really BAD!  I mean really bad, So I am going to do them one by one to soften the blow.   If you have a weak stomach turn your head now LOL!   The first picture is the CLASS PHOTO.  So embarrassing myself is not enough, misery LOOOOOOOOOVES company!
I can name just about everyone in this picture.  What's really funny is the guys you thought were the studs!

From Left to right
Row 1
Chris Keys
Principal Mattie Mckinney Hatchett
Teacher Jo Davidson
Kareem Boyles
Row 2
Detonya Peeples
Bobby Calhoun
Stephen Kennedy (my K boyfriend)
Valencia Cobb

Row 3
Kyle Hughes (Stud lol)
Susan Bissett
Alan Rainge
Jesse Lucio
Janet Howe
Ronald Weaver

Row 4
Martin Chavez
Angela Williams
Tu Le
Shamekia Hunt
Tuan Le
Amina Norris
Dena Covert
John Collins

Row 5
Jeff Wiscombe  (stud)
Angela Rodriguez (my best friend)
Robert Bailey III

Yep, I know just what you wanted to sit thru is a roll call of my 4th grade class mates.   But guess what, Its not enough for me to post their pics, I want their NAMES out there too!

TTYL Robbin

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  1. Girl u are airing eveyones dirty laundry. I am so happy I can not blow this pic of to take a good long hard look at your classmates.