Friday, September 5, 2008

High Chair

I made my first big purchase today.  I bought this very trendy, very functional and very "un-baby" high chair. You see, I really loathe baby looking baby stuff.  I don't think it requires all that fluff fluff frill.  My style is sort of not quite modern, not quite contemporary -- more "transitional".  I really think that my baby stuff should fit within my decor.  Of course this has clearly driven my friends MAD!  

I have been accused of lots of things during this adoption journey, but none more often than the accusation that:  I don't have a clue what I am signing up for.  But I think that I have about as much of an understanding as any first time mom.  Perhaps more.  In searching for every major item -- stroller, crib, highchair, carseat, bottles --- I have reviewed hundreds of reviews, reports and comments.  I just wanted to be certain that my Type- A -personality-mind was satisfied with each and every decision.

So the high chair.   Like I said, I had a few criteria to fill, I wanted something that wasn't frilly, not plastic, not obtrusive, multi-functional, works well with the table and not a lot of crevices to hold little crumbs and stickies.  Needless to say, my list was whittled down quickly.  I settled on two: Stokke or Svan.   I chose the Svan.

Of course price was a consideration, but not a deciding factor.  After seeing that the mid price highchair runs between 100-175.00, I realized that my choices weren't SOOO out of reach.  My Svan included the easily removable tray, a dishwasher safe tray cover, and a cushion for $250.00 delivered to my door.  It has a very clean look and it doesn't look like a highchair.   It fits right at my table and even changes to a toddler chair and can seat an adult.  

I'm surprised how few ppl say they used their high chair.   When I eat, I eat at the table.  I don't agree with eating all over the house.  I was not allowed to as a child and it seems that our norms are what we were raised to believe.  I've heard a bunch of different places that children are fed at -- carriers, bouncers, carseats, laps, floors --  just seems like a highchair would be a good place to start.   But then I am always accused of going against the norms.  Just like with this adoption.   I am single, not infertile, and parenting by choice.

So yes, I bought an expensive highchair, that doesn't look like a high chair.  

And its fabulous.   

Here's a picture and no this is not my family lol, but I do love their kitchen.   

TTYL Robbin


  1. Hey Robbin, that high chair looks good, I think I saw one like that before, I saw an adult sitting in it at the table. Yes I agree, I like to eat at the table too. It was the only place we were allowed to eat until we bacame teenagers, my mom became a softie at that point. However, I do know that w/little ones, it can be hard to keep them in the kitchen in order to feed them, especially one they become mobil, I witnessed w/friends of mine who have children, who fed them any where they could, so I think I views of what was the norm for us may change when our daughters get home....

  2. Absolutely the baby stuff should fit your decor! I agree 100%.

  3. Love the chair! Nice purchase. I am not a frilly frilly person either.

    We ate at the table too. And then in high school it was a counter. When it's just me - a lot of times I'll do the TV table... BUT... my kid will eat in a high chair.

  4. I love the chair! I also understand the comments from friends & family, why can't they keep their mouth shut, and be happy for us!!! Just speaking on my end of things. I have gotten comments on this new adoption process to Ethiopia, & our last process when we switched from private adoption to adopting from the state. "You can get a child with problems or medical issues" was the big one. I have gotten comments on the international, Why not adopt here in the US again. I respond, why not Ethiopia! Every child needs a home! It was our dream to do both Domestic & International. My bf is always telling me you need to do this with the nursery or comment on my parenting with Daniel. It urks me!!! Anyways sorry I rambled. We love our friends, and I know they mean well, but they just don't understand.

  5. ooooo i like it and it fits right in with my furniture, too! how does it convert to an adult chair? must check out the website.

    i hear ya on the comments. i'm single, not infetile and parenting by choice, too.

    hey i was just looking at your timeline. how did you get on the waitlist so fast??? 4 months? i'm impressed beyond impressed! that just seems so quick to me.

    anyway, love the highchair and might have to order one, too. :)

  6. Robbin, I have enjoyed reading your blog and about your journey to motherhood. I too am awaiting a referral from Ethiopia,( so I can Gaze upon the lovely face of my little girl). I wanted to say I too decorate to suit me. I have avoided all the fluff, disney characters etc. and have rooms/items suit the house and my taste. Incidently we all have those photos from our childhood that show the bad hair and questionable fashions of days gone by. My mom used to cut my hair OHHH.. That was not pretty. Congratulations on entering into this wonderous thing called parenthood- you sound like your prepareing and doing great!! All the best

  7. very nice!! I almost wrote cute but I thought you probably wouldn't like that!

  8. I love it. Do what makes you happy. You'll never be fully prepared to be a mom for the first time but neither were any of the women telling you that. I can also now say you'll never be fully prepared to be a mom for the second time. (I'm assuming that would also hold true for any additional child after #2 but I won't be testing that theory out personally. :) ) Still, you'll be much better prepared than most. Phewy on those who scoff at your plans to have stuff blend!!!
    Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

  9. I know what you mean. I am not fru-fru either. I LOVE THIS CHAIR! It looks like furniture. I had to struggle hard to find children's comforters that fit my style. I am about to post the little projects that I was working on over the last week. Good choice on the chair.

  10. I love the chair. It is really classy looking. I agree about eating at the table, too!

  11. Love the chair. I'm getting a chair that converts also and is kind of expensive but it works for you.

    And on the other comment...I had to say it, I'm single, infertile yet still parenting by choice so do you.

  12. Hey Robbin

    We have this chair, and we love it!!! Astrid Meklit has been using it for more than a year and it looks terrific--any time it gets a ding, a little Old English takes care of it. It also hides food spills well, so even if the chair gets crusty here and there (and it will--you always seem to miss a spot when you wipe up) it's well hidden.

    Enjoy your chair. Can't wait til you have a Little to pop into it.