Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home from Atlanta and miscellaneous happenings

This weekend I went to the wedding of my good friend Kellae to her extra wonderful new husband Kakra G.  So I wanted to post a picture of the event.  It was at the beautiful Rhodes Hall on Peachtree, and it was a sunset wedding so please forgive the dark pic!

Also I came home to lots of packages!  I've been ebaying (yes its a verb), and I got some good deals.  I got about 10 Dr. Brown glass bottles, about 5 BPA free bottles, and about 10 Playtex drop in bottles.  I plan on using the playtex while in ET and transitioning over to the Dr. Brown's after I get home.  I also bought a cute diaper bag from Pottery Barn and a little tennis dress.   here is a picture of the bag mine is mint green.

And most importantly I got the SVAN baby bouncer in watermelon and khaki.  It retails for 129.00 and I got it NIB (that's Ebay lingo -- New In the Box :), for $56.00 plus shipping.  The model pictured is my "son" Junior.  He loves it!

TTYL   Robbin


  1. Beautiful bride! Looks like a fun weekend!

    And successful shopping too! How old do you estimate your little one will be when she hits the US soil? I am not as familiar with the ET program.


  2. Hey Robbin, Junior is a I laughed so hard when I saw Junior in his rocker, what a cutie.....isn't it nice to come home to packages, I love it. I got your message and I am not doing anything else outside of getting baby mattress which is on sale at JCPenny this week. I am going to sit bricks on my hands to keep from typing EBAY into my google box. I think now I will just get things to travel with, things Iwill need for the trip.

  3. great finds! must learn how to use Ebay!

  4. Hi Robbin!
    Thanks for checking out my blog. I LOVE all of the fun stuff that you are purchasing for your baby too! Ebay is great! I am watching a few strollers now...holding out for the best deal!
    Hope our referrals come soon!!

  5. You are funny. I love your son...he is a cutie! :-)