Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get it while its hot!

Somebody that I know was told by someone that they know that was told by their cousins aunt who heard that..........

Just kidding.   You know how I purchased my car seat a few months back and was so pleased about the deal I got on ebay?   ( I think I talked about it.... Britax, for 180.00 including shipping and retails for 250.00).  Well this trumps that deal by about 1000%!  And since I needed two car seats, I ran over and purchased another! 

That's right!  A Britax car seat for 42.00!!!!!!!!!!!  This is amazing, too good to be true and I am waiting on my, "April Fool's email".  In November.

I purchased mine and didn't have to get the "moo moo" one which is also a steal at 59.00.  And they both have free shipping..... no kidding.  Check it out for yourself !  I feel like I hit the lottery!!!  And it won't be here until December.  Until then, I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

TTYL Robbin

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  1. Robbin,
    I ordered one last night. I will let you know when it comes in. I was not pleased with the new consumer report information that I read last night after I purchased it. I logged into to consumer reports and it was scored lower recently due to the latch system fitting. I ordered promptly because the price was so great. This particular seat had a better score in the past, but for whatever reason it wasn't that great. But, for $44.00 after taxes is not bad and I can always use it as a spare seat if I feel that uncomfortable. I purchased the grey one as well. Two minutes later I went back on line to Target and the seat was not available. It must have been a limited quantity. The cow seat was still available several minutes after I ordered.