Monday, November 10, 2008

Age 18

Here are a few of my pictures from graduation day.   I am with my friend Kellae who's wedding I went to here.  Unfortunately, my grandmother had passed away on prom night and so I was whisked off from graduation and off to Louisiana for her funeral so I didn't really get to spend any time with my graduating friends.

I lived in a small town and so they came up with this great ideal of combining both the graduation from both schools together.  This is my cousin Tanisha who graduated from the other school.  ALL of my friends attended the other school so I was excited to be with the ppl I better connected to.  To this day, I definitely am closer to the students at the other school and participate in far more alumni events with them.  Because my super popular brother was at the other school ppl for some reason thought I attended there as well!




  1. I love your posts and pictures. I am sorry that graduation was so bittersweet.

    Are you getting antsy? Hope things get moving soon!


  2. I bet they did think you attended your brother school. I bet you were there all the time!!!

    wow a very small town to combine two schools for a HS graduation.

    hmmmm week 18!!!!!!!!!

    Girl you are so there!!!

    Baby is on the way