Friday, November 7, 2008

Senior pictures

Ok, these are some of my many several hundred dollars worth of senior proofs.   Clearly my mother allowed me way to much latitude.  When I looked at the nearly 50 proofs in my book I just had to crack up.  My mother believed in independence.  I picked my own outfits, my own picture package and went to take my pictures ALONE.  So I even have one with my boyfriend.... the same guy in the prom pics.  The jean picture is sporting the famous airbrush of the 90's lol.  Said boyfriend was the artist and on the butt section was both of his hands and it said "hands off".  Right.......  Thank goodness I don't have that in my senior pics.  




  1. Robbin,
    You took me back girl! I remembered those jeans. I finished high school in 90 (senior pics taken summer 89), so I remember those outfits. A blast from the past!

  2. Go head Robbin w/your bad self. Yes you have sparked some memories. I never had the spray painted was not having a perfect pair of jeans spray painted, I remember hair doos w/the peaks...........You are a itty bitty person. Look at that waist in the jean pic. All I would do to be able to regain my hight school weight and get into a pair of jeans I have hanging in the closet now from 3 yrs ago....LOL.. U have imspired me w/all these pics from the past, I have to look for my pics and get to posting.


  3. tee he. The one on the block cracks me up!

  4. I can't tell you how much I wanted a pair of those jeans! There was this guy who was going to decorate some jeans like that for me, but there was misunderstanding about what the PAYMENT would be (KWIM?). Once I realized that was the deal, I backed out, so sadly I never did get a pair of those jeans. :)

  5. Love them. I wonder what you daughter will say when she looks at these pictures, oh how our daughters will laugh at our good taste.


  6. Those jeans - love em!!

    Bennett - I wish I was back at my high school weight, too, after checking out Robbin's itty bitty waist.

  7. Hot Mama! LOL Were you just too hot to smile much?