Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pics Coming!

Because I was suppose to scan my graduation photos and I didn't I have to just type something!!! Cause remember I'm taking the blog challenge.   So here it is.  Today was beautiful in Michigan.  About 70 degrees!  My super sweet mom put even more lights outside for me so that I can have a well lit yard... like my neighbors.   So maybe I can capture a picture of that..... 
Hmm.  I'm bored too!

TTYL Robbin


  1. I love your pics...look foward to seeing them. I need a scanner thingy too.

    I was hoping you were announcing your referral pic! It's coming too.

  2. Robbin,
    I cant wait to see them!
    It took me a week to do my post! I have a scanner and all of that stuff but I just didn't have the time to work on the post and insert the pictures. It is time consuming. I actually still have a few more pictures to add to my post, but I am not pressed.
    I posted all of those pictures for my tag, but that will probably be it in terms of pics of me for a while! Its hard work! Go for it! Meet your challenge Girl!
    I have two messages that I was listening to from two different services that I think you will appreciate. I thought about you when I listened to them the other week. Let me ask my husband how he can download them and I can get them to you via internet. I am not that savvy. I will let you know once I get it figured out! Be encouraged.